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Frequently asked questions.


Dishwasher not draining?

Check under the sink where the drain line for the dishwasher attaches to the disposal or piping. Is it clogged? Also, if you just installed a disposal check to see if you removed the drain knock-out for the dishwasher.


Dishwasher cleaning issues?

First always run your water at the sink until it gets hot before starting your dishwasher. Your dishwasher needs to be 120 degrees to clean properly, and if your water heater is on the other side of the house the water may not be getting hot enough. Second, always use a rinse aid if using a powder or liquid detergent; without a rinse aid you will have streaks and spots. Third, if you have a disposal, turn it on for a few seconds before starting the dishwasher. Finally, if your dishes are still not clean give us a call because there is likely a problem with the dishwasher.


How often should I have my dryer serviced?

It is recommended to get your dryer serviced every 5 years and have your dryer vent cleaned of any debris yearly. In the event of a blockage, a dryer will not operate efficiently and lint build up could result in a fire hazard.


My dryer heats but takes several cycles to dry?

The dryer vent may have a blockage or is damaged.


Auto dry or Timed dry?

Auto dry is a great feature and should be used for medium to large loads. Timed dry should be used to dry single items or very bulky items.


How long does it take to order and ship parts for my appliance?

Due to COVID 19 concerns part shipments may take longer than normal.


Is it better to replace or repair an appliance?

Most appliances can be repaired at a fraction of the cost to replace it new.


Do you charge by the hour for repairs?

Our appliance repair service includes an on-site diagnosis fee and a written estimate in advance for the necessary work needed to fix your appliance. The total invoice is broken into three parts: (1) the initial troubleshooting fee (2) the fixed rate on the repair (3) parts. We ensure affordable and standard pricing based off the Major Appliance Service National Price Guide. Diagnostic fee will be waived upon acceptance of the repair.


Is there a warranty/guarantee on parts and labor?

ANYTHING Appliance will provide a 30 Day Labor and 90 Day parts warranty for all repairs.


Do you have an appointment time frame?

We provide am or pm appointment ranges unless there is a specific request for the first appointment of the day. You can also book service on your schedule at


What major brands can ANYTHING Appliance repair?

Please see below a complete list of brands that we routinely repair. Although we repair virtually all major household appliances you may have a brand that is not on our list. Don't worry. We can still order the parts needed to fix your appliance as well.
It's common for our customers to have one or two questions before scheduling appliance repair. For additional questions feel free to call us at 888-671-9711 or go to to book service on your schedule.


How An Oven Cooks?

Ovens do not cook your food by the direct heat of the bake elements but by the radiant heat from the hot oven cavity. That is why it is a must to wait 15 minutes after turning on your oven to get an even bake.


Is your oven at the correct temp?

To test your oven set it for 350 degrees. Now using a metal oven temp gauge wait 25-30 min, this will give you an accurate reading of the temp of your oven. note: oven calibrations can only be done at 350 degrees.


How to get a smell out of my fridge?

Coffee or baking soda will sometimes help odors after a proper cleaning.


How often should my washer fill hoses be replaced?

Rubber hoses should be replaced every 5 years. Stainless braided hoses ever 10 years.


Front load or Top load?

Front load washers use less water than standard top load washers are more gentle on your clothes. However, a new agitator-less top load washer is just as efficient on water usage and can be purchased in the same load capacities.


Washer does not drain?

If your washer fills but does not drain, you could have a problem with the door lock/safety switch or the drain pump. On some front load washer models, they have pump clean-out located on the front of the washer. It will look like a square cover that can be removed and has a clean-out that can be unscrewed behind it. Be aware if the clean-out is removed, all the water in the washer will drain quickly, so be ready, a shop-vac works great.

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